1.Why did you start archery?

I found it enjoyable when I did it in scouts, and during my 6 week training, I discovered a passion for it. As it was COVID, I started in the woods.

2.Why barebow?

I needed to reset myself as an incident I had that caused major issues with shooting bowhunter. Once I got into it I found the accuracy with string walking much more satisfying.

3. Who is your biggest fan?

Shur I dunno, must be my mum seeing as much as she says she wants a break and still driving me all around the country to compete.

4.What now you would shoot instead of barebow?

Compound as I prefer to stay on the modern bow styles.

5.Does anyone else fire in your family?

Yup, my mum and my sister, both flat bow shooters, so I’m the odd one out.

6.Greatest achievement in archery?

Getting bronze, sliver and gold gains in BBR after 3 months, and of course beating the two arrows round by 60 points.

7. Funniest moment in archery?

Derek the blue ninja- he was using a small blue stretch band as a quiver, until he decided to wrap it around his head and do karate punches.

8.What do you do when you’re not doing archery?

Schoolwork,TIFAM, hanging out with my friends,helping my grandad with carpentry.

9.Who is your favourite archery to watch?

My sister because of the way the the arrows fly through the air

10.What was your favourite shoot so far?

Paper faces, even though I’ve not shot a lot of them, I’ve shot a lot of animal rounds which I find easy. If you ask me this question in a few months I’ll probably say a 2 arrow round.