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#18 Conor O’ Connor

Hello Conor and first of all thanks for doing this and for being enthusiastic about it and you seem to have an interesting cache of archery photos going back through the years which hopefully we can delve into further in upcoming issues. Righto, lets begin Sir…

My first shoot was National champs in IAC with Donal O Donovan. Scorching weekend.
Yes IAC put on a great event that time, remember it well…

Question 3, your favourite standout archery moment? Forgot boots at the Nationals, had to do champs in flip/flops not ideal attire for the woods.
No not ideal Conor, trying not to slip, twist your ankle, or stub your toe, as well as trying to compete… bet you didn’t want to shoot any wayward arrows into the rough that day!

Next. Your favourite shooting bow style of all and why? add benefits.

Your proudest personal archery moment to date?
I suppose receiving an Irish record for something is a moment to be proud of Andrew.
Yes I agree Conor, they are not easy to come by so when they arrive it is a moment to savour.

What is the best thing about archery?
It’s good to exercise our hunter gathering skills. You never know we might need them again. But the animals will probably be all extinct! Fresh air & craic and the challenge of hitting the mark.

And question 7 Conor, Your favourite archery woods, course or venue?
Probably Loch Riach. Reminds me of our old coarse in an Greenan in @ lough Eske, Donegal. Great terrain.
Yes I remember your old woods, I only shot it the once Conor but we had good craic with you and Donal and you were great hosts…and I was hoping to get to Loch Riach in May just gone but had another commitment so couldn’t make it up, but hopefully next time.

The furthest distance you have travelled to an archery event to date?

Wexford /Waterford shoots biggest distance I’ve travelled so far.

We are flying, Now do you excel at any other pastime or activity?
Didn’t realise I excelled in archery,- thought I was just lucky. Do a bit of fly fishing too, thought I was just lucky at that too.
No you excel Conor!
Love the photo of you, Obama and Thrump, (above)what’s the story there?

I’d love to get an explanation of these two American figureheads on the previous page, a story for another day maybe…
Last question of 10 and I know your answer before you reply… Regarding Shoots, do you like camping, tents, caravaning, etc or are you a hotel person or a travelling on the day despite the distance person?
Do like to rough it with the tent or tepee. I would class the tepee as luxury. Would like to go to all shoots but you gotta pay the bills.
True Conor (loved seeing that Tepee when you brought it to events).
That’s us half way there… Now, who is/ are/ were your inspirations in life? (personally or in sport or society)

Sensei Jack Voss.
Yes, I liked Jack (RIP). Michael Hambly, Jack and I shot together in Loughcrew once, great memories especially as Michael slo mo recorded our shots and we were all on super form that day and it can still be found on Youtube.

If you could go back in time to change one moment or thing in history what would it be?
Would change the invention of black powder.
Yes stick with bows, arrows, spears, swords and the like I say lol!

Conor, where would be your dream place to live?
Log cabin in the woods with lake frontage (with a healthy population of trout or salmon – I’m not fussy!)

And what song or singer would you say best sums you up?
The song “easy like a Sunday morning!

Mountains or valleys, lakes or rivers, urban or rural, forests or fields? Discuss…
Mountains,valleys rivers, lakes, forests or sea shore. You can’t beat the Irish country side. Let’s all try to keep it like that. Leave no trace.

What new skill would you love to learn?
A new skill would be a bowyer.

And Conor, your favourite food/ foods?
Favourite food – lobster.

Now, a funny thing that happened to you?
On holiday recently two snakes fell out of a tree & landed on my head,and that’s a funny thing? wow, I’d be gone, fainted! didn’t think that could even happen?

Your favourite season of the year and why?
Autumn. normally kinda warm – salmon run is on and loads of archery to be done Andrew.

Now what are your pet hates?
Midges & mosquitoes, and litter.

Didn’t realise I’d given you an extra question or two but sure you are here so may as well answer them…

Who is your favourite villain?
Vinnie Jones.

And if you had a warning label, what would it be?
Handle with care!

Finally Something You’d never do again?
Go to Pisa. Italy, big disappointment.

Well that is a wrap Conor, again thanks so much, a great interview and no doubt we will feature you in upcoming TIFAM articles and photo specials.

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