February will bring a revolution to the world of archery for youth, with the debut of a new magazine created specifically for the youngest archery enthusiasts – TIFAM YOUTH. This innovative publication, edited and managed by school-age youth, aims to inspire and unite young archers from Ireland and beyond.

What to Expect in the First Issue of TIFAM YOUTH?

TIFAM YOUTH Magazine is a unique space where young archery enthusiasts will find inspiring stories, reports, interviews, interesting facts, and product reviews tailored to their age and interests. It is a platform designed to captivate the youngest minds with the wonders of archery.

Editor-in-Chief – Chris Ocampo, a Passionate Young Archer

What sets TIFAM YOUTH apart from other archery magazines is that it is edited and managed by school-age youth. The Editor-in-Chief is the talented 14-year-old archer, who brings not only knowledge and skills to the magazine but also a fresh perspective on the world of archery from a young enthusiast’s point of view.

Young Authors, Fresh Perspectives

TIFAM YOUTH will feature articles by young talents who share their experiences, ideas, and success stories. It is a magazine created for youth, by youth.

Availability of the Magazine

The first issue of TIFAM YOUTH will reach readers in February of this year as an insert in The Irish Field Archery Monthly, available on various platforms and in our online store, ensuring easy access for young archers from different parts of the world.

TIFAM YOUTH is not just a magazine; it is a community of young archery enthusiasts ready to share their love for the sport. Join our world and draw inspiration from the first issue, promising to deliver excitement, knowledge, and joy associated with archery.